Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creative Complex: The Irish Stories

Hello, Friends!

As usual when posts are up late, I apologize. (I'm writing this on Thursday, despite what the above date says.)

Next, go dig out your musty volumes of Irish folklore! Of course. It is almost St. Patrick's Day.

If you have the misfortune not to have books of Irish fairy tales, check out these websites.

This digital library is insane. There are so many fairy tales, from so many places. I love fairy tales, but it makes me feel a little overwhelmed looking at them all. :)

This link is a "digital library" of "Folklore, Folktales, and Fairy Tales from Ireland."

This link, however, is another library of tons of fairy tales from everywhere. The ones that say "Ireland" after the title in parentheses are, obviously, the Irish ones.

Now, spend some time curled up somewhere listening to nice music and enjoying a cup of tea (or other drink) and just reading some Irish fairy tales.

After you have read a few, you can:

  • Write a story based on one or multiple of the tales you read
  • Write a story which alludes to a story you read
  • Analyze the tales
    • Find patterns, points of interest, themes. . . 
  • Use a quality of one of the tales in your story
  • Write/draw/compose/etc. a:
    • Poem
    •  Piece of music
    • Piece of art
    • Anything else
  • Anything else you can think of!
Have fun!

Spruce Nogard

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